Home Schooling Publications

More and more parents have started to consider home schooling as a wonderful alternative to sending their children to public school. Nowadays, the public school system, leave a lot to be desired which is why the option has gained popularity.In this environment, students won’t have to deal with bullies, violence, gangs, and other social hazards that people have come to expect from the public school system. Aside from this, it provides help parents foster and instill belief systems that may not be given importance in a regular school setting. Not to mention that it promotes closer ties between parent and child.However, there is still some contention over traditional classroom instruction. For instance, some might argue that a home school child may not be able to develop social skills properly. This point revolves around the fact that a classroom setting allows children to interact with one another. However, if one really thinks about it, schools provide an environment akin to that of an office and any deep personal interaction will happen outside of the classroom and not in it.To address social development in home schooled children though, the parent-teacher must be able to incorporate the proper social learning and interaction of his or her child through field trip activities organized with other organizations or other home schooled children. There are also a whole slew of extra curricular activities that may be included in the child’s learning curriculum to enrich the learning experience and promote social development.State laws and requirements must also be taken into consideration in the decision to choose over traditional education. As a responsible teacher-parent, one must of course learn about the legalities and requirements of non traditional schooling to ensure the best quality of education for one’s child.To learn all-from the basics to improving your current set up with your child or children, there are a number of publications available to help you with this.A Natural Learning Experience (http://www.thenaturalife.com/The_Natural_Life/Home_Schooling.html)This site’s author shares his personal experience. It is a wonderful resource on home schooling and lists a roster of fantastic books that will help any parent schooling their children.The How Tos of Setting Up Home Schooling Resources (http://www.home-school.com/Articles/HomeschoolResCenter.html)This site contains an article that helps a parent-teacher to pick up practical and useful insight and tips on setting up a resource to ensure a healthy learning environment for the home schooled student. It offers a list for a starter kit and lists a few books that are must haves for anyone serious about home schooling their children.

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